PPC (Pay per click)

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What is PPC (Pay per click)?

PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click. It’s a form of digital marketing. You will only pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

This is an excellent way of driving visits to your site. As opposed to “earned traffi” through organic traffic.

10% of users click on PPC vs 90% search organic traffic.

Google AdWords | Digital Marketing | PPC (Pay Per Click) | Banner Advertising | CPC (Cost Per Click) | SEM (Search Engine Marketing). These are some of the terms that have probably come across from marketers or casual conversations.

Think of Online Advertising as an umbrella with multiple different facets.

Two major benefit’s of online advertising is the measurability and cost effectiveness.

The exciting part is that online advertising is completely measurable.

How PPC works?

Search Engine Marketing is one of the more popular forms of PPC as it will bring instant traffic. It allows people with websites to auction for ad positions related to keywords.

The more popular the keyword the more you click Google every time it’s clicked. The keyword search tool is an essential part of any SEO strategy.

Which is the most expensive keyword?

Car insurance is the most expensive search term in South Africa.

Google is trying is best to make the paying advertisers listings look as natural as possible. Years ago the paid advertising were labelled Sponsored links and had a yellow highlight demarkcation. Through tracking Google realised 90% of people ignore the advertising and click on the organic results.

When you rank in the organic results, you are considered the best in the business for that search term.

Let’s say, we bid on the keyword “catering Umhlanga,” your ad might show up in the very top spot on the Google results page.

There are long tail keywords and short tail keywords.

Smart SEO can help you launch, optimize, and drive sales to your online store. We specialize in working with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other online store options. We can take professional content of your products, advertise them on social media, and rank your keyword at the top of the Google search engine. Schedule a time to speak with an expert today to leverage our expertise in your online store. 

You probably have come across these terms many times now: Google AdWords, online marketing, paid search, online advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC).

Most of the time, they are used interchangeably, and refer to online advertising via Google AdWords.

While you may associate these terms with cost, they should be linked with the vast number of opportunities they bring for your business.

One more advantage of PPC is that we can switch it on or off instantly. It allows you to have complete control of the campaign. It can help you with positioning your business better in the market, expand your reach, increase online sales, generate new leads, and drive targeted traffic to your website.

5 ways PPC benefits your business?

PPC Benefits | Smart SEO

1. Increase your ROI

Imagine you have an online store selling nutrition supplements or a local cupcake store looking to expand your business. The cost of renting a physical store will increase per annum and can eat into your profits.

Online shoppers research products first. A person searching for a particular product or service is more likely to purchase.

Most business owners set goals to increase your pipeline of leads and profit. PPC provides you with an opportunity to increase your bottom line.

When people search for your service or product, they are easier to convert that someone seeing your ad on a billboard.

Research and well positioned PPC campaign can increase website traffic, conversions and ultimately revenue.

If online shoppers are happy with your service they are more likely to be repeat customers.

By using PPC you can attract new customers with far-reaching potential.

2. Only Pay for results

Let’s create a scenario for a local business owner who wants to generate leads for his sales team but doesn’t have a large advertising budget.

His competitors are spending a huge chunk of their advertising budget on a radio and television campaign. In terms of measurability, with a PPC campaign we can measure how many views, clicks on website and even cost per acquisition.

Take for example local cleaning company paying R16 per click and during the day 15 people click on your ad. 

Of those 15 people two contact your business for a quote and one turns into a paying customer.  For an investment of R240, you were able to secure a job that profits significantly more than that. 

You retain that customer for the next 10 years. Always keep in mind the life time value of the customer.

Unlike some marketing strategies, PPC advertising lets you pay as you go.

You can tweak or stop ad campaigns that are underperforming.

There are no set amounts you’re required to spend or long-term obligations. You can run an ad for a few days, a month, or years.

3. Keyword Research Tool

With PPC, you can test keywords to get an idea of whether they are suitable for your website and business. Google AdWords provides accurate and precise data on the performance of each ad, enabling you to get valuable insights regarding the effectiveness of particular keywords.

4. Instant Results

It’s nice to have a good looking website. What good is it if no knows it exists?

Benefits of PPC are increased traffic to your site.

The importance of organic search traffic cannot be denied, but the problem is that it does take time to start generating results. However with PPC, you can run a targeted advertising campaign, and start seeing conversions almost immediately.

Having your paid advertisement appear on the first page of search engine results increases your chances of being seen.

PPC advertising can make this happen for you.

5. Secure more Business Opportunities

Assume you are a web hosting solution provider, and your direct competitor goes offline for a few hours because of a technical issue. Now there will be customers looking for an alternate source to cater to their problems.

By running a targeted PPC campaign, you can appear in the search results instantly, and attract those unattended customers to your website and increase your sales.

We can Analyze Ad Performance in Real Time

Real-time data is at your fingertips. With these metrics, you can change verbiage, play with keywords, or include a promotion.

Google Analytics will show you demographic data. This information will be valuable for your online marketing plan.

If you don’t have a strategy to draw people to your business you’re leaving money on the table.

Driving traffic to your website is a priority if you want a successful online presence.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great option for small businesses.