7 Online Marketing strategies: Simplified

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Looking for 7 Online Marketing strategies to grow your small business?

Almost 50% of small businesses close down due to:

  • Poor planning
  • No cashflow
  • Lack of financial expertise

Did You Plan for Covid-19?

In today’s guide I will show you some of the hottest trends in 2020. You can hand pick which of the 7 Digital Marketing strategies you could implement today! Don’t try all at once, rather try one at a time in order to test and measure results.

People research your product or service before they buy.

Which Online Strategy Will Work Best For Your Small Business?

Let’s dive in to what’s working in 2020.

1. Start a blog

Start a blog | Smart SEO

Aim here is to build trust and loyalty.

Let’s say you sell computer parts and accessories. Your customers have a problem with a slow computer. Write content such as why is my computer slow.

For real estate agents, you can blog about how to sell a house in 30 days. What’s the best interest rate to buy a house.

2. Focus on Video

Video Content | Smart SEO

Video content is the future. Your customers respond well to it. More people watch Youtube videos than watch television. Topic ideas could be make up videos. Keep the fluff out and make it educational.

You could also go live on Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Youtube

  • Engage with your audience and build relationships
  • Convey message more effectively than text
  • Video can get people excited to work with you
  • With technology it’s much easier now to make quality video content

3. Paid advertising

7 Digital Marketing Strategies

Think of ABC’s

Audience – who do you want to target?

Budget – more advertisers there are more expensive the cost per click.

Commercial – all major platform has seen ROI.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts | Smart SEO

While radio is slowly on the decline, podcasts are on the rise. First option is to create your own or feature on someone else’s.

Establish an intimate connection with your audience.

Advertising on podcasts can reach people while they are relaxed.

I listen to podcasts while going for a run, walking my dog or doing a mundane task.

Target users based on podcast categories, age and gender.

A bonus is the ad can’t be skipped.

An easy way to find opportunities is to search on your favourite podcasts and see if they are interested in interviewing you.

5. Social media marketing

7 Digital Marketing Strategies

Start with one channel instead of taking on the all of them. Which one do you choose? All about serving your audience. To decide which platform is best for you, think of what goals you want to achieve.

6. Email marketing

7 Digital Marketing Strategies

Most people claim email is king. Are you using email effectively?

Pick a topic and educate your customers.

First you need traffic to get subscribers. Focus on building your email list from day one. Use community forums. Don’t promote your products. Rather share valueable content and ideas.

It’s still the number 1 way to build a small business.

7. SEO

7 Digital Marketing Strategies

SEO is an ongoing process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It will be worthwhile to get in touch with the experts in Digital Marketing such as Smart SEO.

Implement a Content Marketing plan.


Whichever of the 7 Digital Marketing strategies you choose to implement first, remain authentic. So if you launch now it’s a perfect time to grow your audience.

Is your website ready to convert more traffic?

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