11 most popular podcasts

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There’s tons of podcasts out there but here’s 11 exceptional podcasts:

Take a break from screen time and listen

1. Casefile True Crime

One of the most popular true crime. You will actually find yourself sitting in the car not wanting to jump out just to find out what’s next.

Download Casefile on Amazon

2. The Popcast

The Popcast
TheDownload The Popcast

Covers modern day humour with being educational. It’s a weekly pop culture podcast by Jamie and Knox.

Download The Popcast Apple Podcasts

3. Juicy scoop

Juicy Scoop | Comedy

Falls under the comedy category. Hosted by Heather McDonald. This page has two shows every week.

4. Business Wars

Business Wars | Smart SEO

Fascinating talks between the biggest brands. Every day massive businesses are at war but you never heard of them. Some of your favourite brands such as:

Coke vs Pepsi

Addidas vs Nike

Mcdonalds vs Burger King

Download Business Wars on Apple Podcasts

5. Dear HBR – Harvard Business Review

HBR | Smart SEO

Having a workplace dilemma? Listen to this podcast. They take your questions and offer solutions for a way forward. Some amazing with a unique twist topics – How to approach an unapproachable boss? How to get the most out of your co-workers?

Download Dear HBR on Apple Podcasts

6. Lewis Howes

The School of greatness podcast is for business people. Some awesome interviews with some power hitters.

Lewis Howes

Download Lewis Howes Podcast on his website

7. The Peripheral

The Peripheral

The host Justin covers a wide range of taboo topics. Things you normally don’t talk about around the dinner table. He has the ability to draw out peoples experiences and stories. Not your typical podcast but could be your next favourite.

Download The Peripheral here

8. The Dollop

The Dollop Podcasts

Two comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds take an event in history and just talk about it. Just like your funniest friend at a cocktail party.

Download The Dollop here

9. How did this get made?

11 Most Popular Podcasts

Are you a movie buff? Three comedians give feedback to their audience about the funniest movies out there. Prepare for a good laugh.

Download How did this get made here

10. Little Stories for Tiny People

11 Most Popular Podcasts

A great way to test your kids interest in audio stories. It will delight the tiny little people in your life.

11. The Gareth Cliff Show

11 Most Popular Podcasts

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